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Innovative Environmental
Assessment, Monitoring,
Planning, and Restoration
Innovative Environmental Assessment,
Monitoring, Planning, and Restoration
Innovative Environmental
Assessment, Monitoring, Planning, and Restoration

Who We Are

Forrest Bell

FBE Owner & CEO

(207) 650-7597 ~ info@fbenvironmental.com

Forrest Bell, FB Environmental

Forrest is the founder and owner of FB Environmental. In this capacity, he oversees all company operations. As Principal-In-Charge and a Project Manager on FBE projects, Forrest coordinates closely with clients and FBE project and task managers to ensure that the required capacity, optimal staff and associated skill sets, and other resources are available to support successful completion of project tasks.

Forrest is a regional leader in managing watershed restoration and assessment projects. He has directed more than 750 successful environmental planning, assessment, monitoring and restoration projects since 1991 for clients including federal and state natural resource agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. Forrest founded FB Environmental in 2001 while assisting the Maine DEP with lake water quality assessments and impaired lake TMDL reporting, and has since developed a consulting team that includes several highly qualified environmental scientists and planners. Forrest is a skilled presenter and facilitator, embracing the challenge of presenting the complexities of land and water resources to New England’s communities. Forrest received his BS in Geography from the University of Southern Maine and completed his Master’s coursework at the University of New Hampshire in the Natural Resources Management program.

Laura Diemer, CLM

Project Manager/Monitoring Lead

(603) 828-1456 ~ laurad@fbenvironmental.com

Laura Diemer, FB Environmental

Since 2015, Laura has served as the Environmental Monitoring Lead for FBE. She is also a Certified Lake Manager (CLM) through the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS). She manages our water quality monitoring projects and provides technical oversight of watershed management planning projects that require water quality analyses, pollutant load modeling, quality assurance/quality control review, plan development or review, statistical analyses, GIS mapping, and public presentations. She is responsible for both project and staff oversight, including administrative tasks, hiring, training, and supervising staff, and client and public relations. She has experience working with a variety of clients, including federal, state, and municipal governments or agencies, watershed groups, and lake associations. Laura first joined FBE in 2011 and rejoined in 2014 after completing an M.S. in Soil & Water Resource Management from the University of New Hampshire. She received her B.S. in Ecology & Environmental Science from the University of Maine in 2010. Prior to FBE, she gained valuable research and writing experience through the National Park Service, New England Organics, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, and The Nature Conservancy.

Kevin Ryan, PhD

Wetlands and Wildlife Ecologist/Ecological Services Lead

(914) 907-7896 ~ kevinr@fbenvironmental.com

Kevin R. at FB Environmental

Kevin joined FB Environmental in March of 2013, shortly before finishing his Ph.D. in the Wildlife Ecology Department at the University of Maine. His research dealt with the movement patterns, terrestrial habitat selection, and conservation of New England’s two rarest amphibians: the blue spotted salamander (Ambystoma laterale) and the eastern spadefoot toad (Scaphiopus holbrookii). Kevin earned an Associate’s Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Technology in 1999 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management in 2001, both from SUNY Cobleskill. Kevin’s experience includes monitoring loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) nesting for the Georgia DNR, and serving as field herpetologist, budget manager, and general office manager for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Metropolitan Conservation Alliance. At FB Environmental, Kevin conducts natural resources inventories, wetland delineations, reptile and amphibian field surveys, municipal build-out analyses, and assists with water quality monitoring projects, watershed/open space planning, technical writing, and GIS mapping.

Maggie Mills

Hydrologist/Watershed Management and Community Planning Lead

(207) 221-6699 ~ maggiem@fbenvironmental.com

Maggie M. at FB Environmental

Maggie joined FB Environmental in 2015 and currently serves as the Watershed Management and Community Planning Lead. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from the University of Maine at Orono and a Master’s degree in Geography with a focus in Hydrology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In Colorado, she used fluorescence spectroscopy to identify changes in dissolved organic carbon cycling during snowmelt. In 2011, she completed an internship at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in NH. She returned to Hubbard Brook research after completing her graduate work to participate in a collaborative project examining nitrogen cycling in a forested watershed. At FB Environmental, Maggie manages our natural resource planning projects including municipal planning (comprehensive plans, open space plans) and watershed planning (lake, river, and stream) and supports our work in grant writing and management, lake and river monitoring and restoration, and climate change vulnerability assessment.

Bina Skordas

Senior Project Manager

(207) 221-6699 ~ binas@fbenvironmental.com

Bina S. at FB Environmental

Bina Skordas joined FB Environmental in 2022 as a Senior Project Manager. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Conservation and Biology as well as a Master’s degree in Environmental Public Health and Public Policy. Prior to FB Environmental, Bina worked in both the private and public sectors for over ten years on projects related to watershed management plans, coastal restoration, water quality monitoring and analysis, municipal planning, stakeholder engagement, and climate resiliency and vulnerability analysis projects. She has extensive experience in federal, state, and local environmental permitting and regulations, natural resource inventories, and wetland delineations. Her diverse background allows her to support many projects at FB Environmental.

Cayce Dalton

Senior Project Manager

(207) 221-6699 ~ cayced@fbenvironmental.com

Cayce D. at FB Environmental

Cayce joined FB Environmental in 2008, having received a B.S. in Environmental Science with a minor in economics from the College of William and Mary, and worked in the environmental sciences for seven years. In positions with the Maine Conservation Corps, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, and the Town of York, he worked closely with volunteers and citizens to track sources of bacterial pollution, measure salt marsh eutrophication, draft and enforce municipal environmental ordinances, and conduct outreach and education on a wide variety of environmental issues. At FBE, he manages and supports projects involving pathogen source tracking, municipal septic system vulnerability analyses and strategies for pollution load reduction, developing water quality monitoring plans for nutrients and other pollutants, effects of climate change on water quality, data quality assurance, mapping, and technical writing.

Maggie Kelly-Boyd

Project Manager/Climate Resiliency Lead


Maggie K. at FB Environmental

Maggie joined FB Environmental Associates in 2018 and currently serves as a Project Manager for the Watershed Management and Community Planning Division. She has a B.S. in Conservation Biology from St. Lawrence University, and previously gained experience with watershed protection working for Squam Lakes Association in New Hampshire monitoring water quality and removing aquatic invasive plants. At FB Environmental, Maggie leads watershed and community planning projects including municipal planning, stakeholder engagement, water quality monitoring and analysis, and spatial mapping and analyses. Maggie also supports our work on climate resiliency projects, watershed Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation efforts, data synthesis and analysis, pollutant load modeling, and land-use analyses. In addition, she provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and analysis for many of FBE’s projects, including build-out analyses for watershed planning and spatial data analyses and synthesis for municipal planning efforts.

Lindsey Collari

Administrative and Business Manager


Lindsey C. at FB Environmental

Lindsey joined FB Environmental Associates in August 2023. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and serves as the Administrative and Business Manager. She has a proven track record in business operations and organizational development. At FBE, she provides administrative, human resources, and accounting support to all staff.

Sarah Large

Permitting Lead/Wetland Scientist


Sarah L. at FB Environmental

Sarah joined FB Environmental in 2021 with five years of experience at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Environment, where as a Wetlands Program Analyst she conducted wetland delineations and wetland permitting. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Ecology, and double majored in Physics, from Colby College in 2014 where she gained valuable research and writing skills through her liberal arts education and through her senior capstone project researching the fluvial geomorphology and health of headwater streams within the Belgrade Lakes Watershed. At FB Environmental, Sarah uses her wetlands and water quality skills on a wide variety of projects including wetland delineations, stream crossing assessments, natural resource inventories, water quality monitoring and data analysis, technical writing, GIS mapping, and natural resource permitting.

Luke Frankel

Project Manager/Coastal Monitoring & Modeling Lead


Luke F. at FB Environmental

Luke joined FB Environmental in July of 2021. He has a B.A. in Earth and Oceanographic Science from Bowdoin College and an M.S. in Marine Science from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science at William & Mary. His master’s research focused on evaluating the efficacy of past nutrient management actions on water quality in the Chesapeake Bay, where he worked closely with colleagues at state and federal agencies to inform future monitoring and management efforts. Luke has experience running 3-D fully-coupled hydrodynamic-biogeochemical models, performing complex data visualizations, deploying water quality monitoring instruments, and analyzing a variety of environmental data. At FB Environmental, Luke's responsibilities include project oversight, estuarine monitoring and modeling, pollutant load modeling, fieldwork, GIS mapping, and technical writing.

Mindee Goodrum

Project Manager


Mindee G. at FB Environmental

Mindee joined FB Environmental in May of 2022. She has a B.S. in Environmental Science from Saint Michael’s College. Mindee gained two years of experience at the York County Soil and Water Conservation District managing multiple watershed restoration and protection projects which included providing technical assistance to private landowners, municipalities, and nonprofits, as well as environmental permitting and water quality sampling. Prior to her work at the Conservation District, Mindee served two terms with AmeriCorps in Maine and Michigan, gaining experience with invasive plant identification and removal, GIS, conservation land management, and volunteer coordination. At FBE Mindee manages watershed planning and restoration projects, conducts water quality monitoring, data synthesis and analysis, and assists with technical writing.

Julia Maine

Project Manager


Julia M. at FB Environmental

Julia joined FB Environmental in 2023 as a Project Manager. She has a B.A. in Earth and Oceanographic Science from Bowdoin College and an M.S. in Coastal and Marine Environments from the University of Galway in Galway, Ireland. Prior to FB Environmental, Julia worked at the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission on the Regional Sustainability and Resilience and team. She previously worked in the energy and aquaculture sectors at Competitive Energy Services and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. At FBE Julia, focuses on community planning, climate resiliency, and environmental monitoring.

Christine Bunyon

Project Scientist III/ GIS Specialist


Christine B. at FB Environmental

Christine will be rejoining FBE in June 2023 following her graduation from the University of New Hampshire with a M.S. in Natural Resources and the Environment, concentrating in remote sensing of freshwater ecosystems. Her research focused on using imagery from an unmanned aerial system (UAS) to detect and monitor cyanobacteria blooms in New Hampshire waterbodies. Christine will assist project managers at FBE with project task management and fieldwork, including geospatial analyses, water quality sampling and analysis, data sonde deployment and maintenance, data organization, land-use modeling, and technical writing.

Elliott Boardman

Ecologist/GIS Specialist II


Elliott B. at FB Environmental

Elliott joined FB Environmental in May of 2021, after graduating from the University of New England (UNE) with a B.S. in Environmental Science. During his time at UNE, Elliott conducted field research relating to the effects of climate change on soil microbial communities and photosynthesis. He also has professional and educational experience with avian mist-netting and banding, vernal pool monitoring, and aquatic invasive plant removal. At FB Environmental, Elliott conducts wetland delineations, vernal pool surveys, and natural resource inventories and assists with water quality monitoring, community planning, and technical writing. He also provides a wide range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services at FBE, including cartography, online web applications, website creation, and spatial data analysis.

Magdalyn Kosalek

Project Scientist II


Maggie K. at FB Environmental

Maggie joined FB Environmental in June 2022. She has a bachelor’s degree in Ocean Engineering with a minor in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability from the University of New Hampshire. In her time at UNH, Maggie participated in various research projects including living shorelines, wave attenuation at oyster farms, efficacy of bubble curtains for dredging operations, and embedded culverts. At FBE, Maggie assists with a variety of projects including river and estuarine monitoring, water quality sampling, data analysis, technical writing, and coastal shoreline restoration.

Lauren Caffe

Planner II


Lauren C. at FB Environmental

Lauren is a 2022 graduate of Bowdoin College and a current master's student in the Department of City and Regional Planning at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her interests involve climate change adaptation and hazard mitigation planning on both a rural and regional scale as well as the intersections of policy and placemaking. At FBE, Lauren will assist on a variety of projects, with a focus on planning and climate change.

Evan Ma

Project Scientist I


Evan M. at FB Environmental

Evan Ma will be joining FBE in May 2023 following graduation from Bates College with a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a Concentration in Ecology and Earth Systems and a minor in Mathematics. During his time at Bates, he worked with a professor to conduct water quality sampling and data analysis to study the drivers of cyanobacterial blooms in Lake Auburn, a critical public water supply. Evan also participated in research using autonomous surface vehicles for water quality monitoring in various Maine lakes. Evan worked with the City of Auburn for his senior thesis which centered on estimating phosphorus transport from septic systems to Lake Auburn. At FBE, Evan will assist with various projects such as watershed management plans, technical writing, water quality sampling, and other environmental field work.

Jeffrey Walker, PhD

Water Resources Modeler & Web Application Developer Subconsultant

Jeff W. at FB Environmental

Jeff is an environmental and water resources engineer with over 15 years of experience in environmental consulting, specializing in hydrologic and water quality data analysis and modeling, watershed management, and nonpoint source pollution. He has worked for numerous federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, and private firms on projects across the country. Jeff is experienced in numerous modeling approaches and software platforms for both surface water and ground water systems and is known for his strong skills in data visualization and software development, as well as for his innovative research on interactive web applications for environmental datasets and models. Jeff received a B.S. in Science of Earth Systems from Cornell University, a Master of Engineering from MIT, and a Ph.D. in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from Tufts University.

David Rocque

Soil Science & Septic System Subconsultant

David R. at FB Environmental

David Rocque has an exceptional depth of experience in New England onsite wastewater treatment policy, design, and installation, through his long career as a soil scientist. David retired as Maine State State Soil Scientist in 2021, a position held since April 1988. Previously, David was the Maine State Site Evaluator from 1985, responsible for licensing Site Evaluators in Maine, writing and administering both a written and field exam. David was also responsible for field checking the work of site evaluators and evaluating any proposed products to be used in septic systems in Maine. As State Soil Scientist, David was closely involved with the State Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Program and helped write a number of sections in the Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules including the drainage key. David has been a licensed Site Evaluator since 1977, and has a BS in Forest Management and Minor in Soils from the University of Maine.