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Innovative Environmental
Assessment, Monitoring,
Planning, and Restoration
Innovative Environmental Assessment,
Monitoring, Planning, and Restoration
Innovative Environmental
Assessment, Monitoring, Planning, and Restoration

About Us

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Established in 2001, FB Environmental Associates is a consulting firm that specializes in environmental assessment, monitoring, planning, mapping, modeling, and restoration projects in the watersheds of New England's lakes, streams, rivers, and estuaries. FB Environmental is committed to providing reasonably priced, high-quality professional products while maintaining close communication with our clients. One of our greatest assets is our ability to work with great attention to detail in order to meet the specific needs of our clients, project partners, and the general public. Our offices are located in Portland, Maine, and Dover, New Hampshire.

FB Environmental Sampling by Canoe

The firm’s associates have over 100 years of combined experience working on water and natural resource projects in New England. The collective knowledge of FB Environmental’s staff is kept up to date through ongoing education, research, and participation in a variety of professional organizations. We maintain collaborative working relationships with diverse and key environmental professionals in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Therefore, we are able to complement our capabilities through the creation of multidisciplinary teams that provide support on a variety of projects. From small mapping efforts to large multiphase management and restoration projects, we are committed to offering a broad array of customized quality services.

FB Environmental Stormwater Field Analysis

FB Environmental works with a wide range of clients, including the US Environmental Protection Agency, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, dozens of municipalities in Maine and New Hampshire, lake and watershed associations, nonprofit organizations, and trade associations. Our range of services include water quality monitoring and assessment; watershed and stormwater management planning; GIS mapping, modeling and analysis; data compilation and interpretation; wetland delineation and soil characterization; wildlife surveys and habitat assessment; vegetation surveys; nonpoint source pollution and erosion control assessment; stormwater pollution prevention planning; public facilitation, outreach and education; event planning; municipal and natural resources planning; renewable energy planning and promotion; and scientific report writing.